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Georgina B. Nava

 Georgina B. Nava is a Bilingual Life & Productivity Coach. An infinitely curious social-preneur and a dynamic storyteller who infuses your life with a holistic approach to productivity and consciousness through creative curated experiences. 

A passionate coach with over 20 years of experience in multicultural educational development, community involvement and a PhD in motherhood. Her coaching style follows an organic integration of emotional intelligence principles, creative visualization, global fluency, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and mind and body practices such as Pilates (kinesthesia, proprioception) and Healthy Steps™ offering a multidisciplinary and tailored program for clients in USA, Mexico, Spain and France. 

You can also find Georgina playing in her voyaging kitchen recreating family recipes, traveling, discovering new ingredients, creating new dishes and hosting tasting experiences with a unique approach for her guests. 

Last but not least, she is a nature lover, forager, melomaniac with Mexican roots all blended into a mindful worldly spirit.


Georgina B. Nava Bilingual Productivity Coach


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